melone art

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Would you try to make one of these if you had a melone, a knife and lot of time?

Polaroid PoGo

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On the first pic that is a polaroid pogo instant digital camera. Less than one minute you can crop edit your pictures and print. But if you want you can save your photos, and print later.

Below the digital camera, you can see the instant mobile printer. You can wirelessly transfer an image from your bluetooth-enabled phone to this device, then print it immediately. Share the fun.

For more check out this page:

Eolo Perfido

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Eolo Perfido was born in Cognac (France) in February 1972. He started shooting without any knowledge, he was 28. He lives in Rome and works all over the world now. In the last years assisted Steve McCurry in several of his shootings in Europe, Africa and South America.
Here you can view his portfolio:

Married to the MOB

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Stuff for the ladies. Married to the Mob stays true to principle of New York clothing line: “clothing that’s designed by women for women”. Check out thier site:

Matix Domepiece Headphones

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Matix Domepiece headphone is the headset for the serious music listener. Check out their hangaround earbuds too.

Crooks & Castles Spring 2010

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These are a few pictures of Crooks and Castles's upcoming Spring 2010 Collection. A little bit of everything is featured, from headwear to t-shirts to outerwear. Click the link to check out the rest of the lookbook:

Natures Mistake

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Above you can see a few items of Natures Mistake Spring 2010. Which one do you like?

If you are interested visit its page:

V12’s Dual Touchscreen Canova Laptop

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V12 Design is an Italian industrial design and engineering studio which apparently developed this concept over four years ago. The prototype in the pictures is called Canova. It was made of stainless steel and carbon fiber. Canova is a notebook which has dual LCD touch screen display that can do almost everything from a sketch pad, music score, graph paper, watching a movie and so on. It has the same usage as other notebooks. Would you like to try it?

Find more at V12's page:

The Bastard on the Beach

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The Bastard on the Beach is one of the strongest drinks in the world (some people say it is the ONE), but it is actually four (or five) drinks rolled into one story. Here is the entire menu: Suffering Bastard, Dying Bastard, Dead Bastard, Mai Tai. There's a optional fifth drink, that being a Gin Fizz to warm up. They're pretty smooth for strong mixed drinks, so be careful. Do not drink them too fast... Have you ever tried Bastard on the Beach?

Read more at Jon TEP's page on the strongest alcoholic drinks: Jon TEP's hubpage

Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2010 Collection

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Photographs: Frédérique Dumoulin

You can see above a few items of Issey Miyake spring summer 2010 collection. For more visit: Do you like them?

Jones Soda

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Jones Soda Co was founded by Peter van Stolk in 1987. At the beginning it started off as a beverage distributor in western Canada. In 1995-96, JONES created two brands of its own: WAZU Natural Spring water and Jones Soda with six flavors. The labels on Jones Soda are constantly changing and are generated and submitted by its consumers. In 2000, Jones Soda Co. launched its own version of an energy drink, named WhoopAss. The following year, in 2001, Jones Soda Co. launched 6 flavors of Jones Juice.

Find more at:

Juventino Mateo

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The works of the Swiss Photographer, Juventino Mateo. Discover his vision at his website: